The education system of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country on the Asian sub-continent. It has many proud histories. War for mother language, the war for freedom and fundamental rights. The education system of Bangladesh is divided in four parts, But the education system of Bangladesh is not as satisfactory as the modern perspective. We are discussing this in detail. First, we will know about its glorious history and culture.

War for mother tongue in the Education System:

Bangladesh is the only country that has a history of fighting for its mother tongue. The Pakistani government declared Urdu its national language. They always try to hurt the culture of Bangladesh. But the patriotic people could not accept this discrimination. The education system of Bangladesh also depends on its culture and language. For this reason, They went on strike for their right to speak their language, marched, and Pakistani police fired there, many lives were lost. In the end, the Pakistani government accepted Bengali as the state language in the face of various diplomatic pressures and fierce agitations.

History of Liberation war

Bangladesh is a reverend country. The natural beauty of Bangladesh is so much charming and enjoyable. World’s biggest mangrove forest Sundarbans, The Bay of Bengal, Saints martins, and so many attractive places in Bangladesh. So many tourists every year come to the country and enjoy the natural beauty, For this reason, Bangladesh earns so much foreign currency.

Before 1952 Bangladeshi people always fallen discrimination against fundamental rights. The Pakistani government did not give them equal rights, That’s why Bangladeshi people fight against Pakistan. After nine months of bloody war, Bangladesh got its independence and recognition from various countries around the world. For this war and destroying the education system of Bangladesh fallen deeply. For more details click the sight….

The education system of Bangladesh is divided into different parts- we also discuss the merit and problem

First, primary education

Bangladesh is a largely populated country, and its economy is not so high. Most of the people in this country live under the poverty line. For this reason, most middle-class families’ children go to primary school. Primary education is so much important in every country as well as Bangladesh. But in this field the education system is not so good, teachers do not attend school timely, and they are not highly educated, but this fault is not there. This fault is the government’s sight.

The government recruits less qualified candidates in primary schools. Their salaries and facilities are low. But in many countries of the outside world primary education is very advanced, and the government of those countries is very active in the development of primary education. For this reason, students drop out of primary school. But the good news is that the government is trying to keep students in the school with various facilities. Eg: stipend, lunch, and various annual sports. And the most gratifying thing is that in keeping with the times Bangladesh government is now recruiting qualified teachers to improve the quality of primary education.

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