Brindabon-largest flute shop in Bangladesh

Do you need a good bamboo flute?

Good news for you.

Brindabon the largest flute shop Bangladesh is now in Dhaka. You can collect the flute by visiting our outlet or ordering online.

A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# Bamboo flutes
The flute is a melodic instrument that is very popular. Its melody is very catchy and Indian classical has taken it to a different level as it is popular in the Indian subcontinent.
There are also many flutists in Bangladesh who buy flute by spending more money from outside as they do not get good quality bamboo flute. The good news for those flutists is that Brindabon The Largest Flute Shop is now in Dhaka. We make bamboo flutes with great care with our own skilled craftsmen. On the one hand it is cheap in price and on the other hand it is the best in quality।
Flutes of all scales are in our collection. To collect master tune flute of A, A #, B, C, C #, D, D #, E, F, F # G, G #, contact the number given below..
Now you can order online from Bangladesh or any other country. We will take care of it and send it by courier.
Brindabon flute shop is giving 20 percent discount on full set master tune flute. So don,t delay contact with us today....... 
shop no: 22
Dcc Market,Gulshan 1 ,Dhaka
Phone : 01620209995(whatsapp/telegram/skype)