Is Education Too Much Commercialized Today?

Education is the backbones of a nation even no one can be prosper in life without education. There are many educational institutions around us which are helping to spread knowledge. But nowadays their roles are changing as many people think that those institutions are focusing on earning money instead of ensuring quality education. There is a group of people who thinks that education is too much commercialized today because we need a handsome amount of money to make ourselves prepare for job market. On the other hand, another group of people argues that, the cost of living is gradually increasing day by day so the educational sector also follows it. According to me, education is too much commercial nowadays because without spending a huge amount of money, it’s quiet impossible to manage a degree.  

Nowadays some teacher don’t give enough time inside the classroom to make the concept understandable among students which leads the students to go coaching center or  to take tuitions. They have to pay both in educational institutions and those coaching centers.

In many institutions while admitting students, they offer different facilities along with lab facility but reality is totally different. Most of the institutions fail to ensure proper and sufficient lab facility to the students though they are taking money.

Job market is getting tough day by day and only managing a degree from any famous university don’t ensure a better position in job market. We need some other qualities like- communication skills, computer knowledge, and involvement in extracurricular activities and so on which also demand spending money.

Many universities are offering some courses in every semester which don’t have much practical value. But students need to complete those courses only to fulfill the requirement regarding completion of the specific degree. It costs a handsome amount of money in every semester.

Nowadays almost all the educational institutions demand a large amount of money as tuition fees. This seems more problematic in case of private universities. If any students wish to admit in any popular private university, he/ she needs to manage a handsome amount of money except public university but the number of sits in public universities are too much limited.

There is another group of people thinks that education is not too much commercial like any other sector. The cost of living is increasing day by day so it may also find in educational sector.  Many institutions are providing lots of modern facilities to the students which cost a large amount of money. We are trying to ensure digitalization in every step of our life. To ensure it in this sector we need the help of audio-visual aids and it costs a large amount of money.

In summary we may say that, though many institutions are trying to ensure quality education for their students but most of them are not maintaining the quality according to their given promise which insists us once again to say that, education is too much commercial nowadays. But if the government takes necessary steps regarding this issue and ensure monitoring system, we may able to ensure quality education for all in a minimum cost.

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