how to grow the lychee

How to grow the lychee?

Litchi is very popular fruit in our Asian subcontinent. Its color and juicy test is very charming. Litchi grows very well in China, India, and Bangladesh. A 100-gram serving of fresh lychee fruits contains 66 calories, 0.83 protein, 0.44 grams of fat, 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, 15.2 grams of sugar , 71.5 milligrams protein. For this reason, lychee is very popular in many countries. In this article you will learn step by step process of “how to grow lychee?”

For growing more and more lychee , we needs some smart farming method , such as- fertilizer management, spray management etc.

Fertilizer management to grow lychee at home:

1. Fertilizer is so much important for every fruit tree and also lychee. there are some fertilizer need for lychee tree. For 7-5 years tree needed fertilizer in two way, first is rainy season, second is in September to October 15th . Given below the list of fertilizer of 7-5 years lychee tree.


Nitrogen- 150gm



sulfur- 150 gm

Boron- 50gm

Zips am-50gm

and 30 kg cow dung is must needed for every three.

How to grow the lychee?

Others take care :

It is more important the caring of before and after the flowering of a lychee tree. It helps the lychee grow perfectly. Farmers wait for the time deeply. Before bud needs some pesticide and fungicide spray accordingly farming method. Before coming buds need emidacloropid 0.5 mm, and fungicide mancozeb 2gm per litre , making a mixed version with water and spray the whole body of the tree. Then when the Buds will coming then again the same spray needed, but in this time we are adding sulfur 1gm with the mixed version.

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Sub Heading

This time we will not any water give in the tree. Then when lychee rice type will coming , then again emidacolropid 1mm, abamactin benjoyet 1gm ,mancozeb 2gm per liter and spray in the tree. Those are the major take care of a lychee tree. But a important things is that afters buds if rain will come , it must be needed to give a fungicide, insecticide, and flora (vitamin) spray in the lychee tree.Watering and fertilizer needs before buds, when buds turn in peas the needs watering and fertilizer will give in the tree.

For better result its must be needed some vitamin will spary in the tree. First is when will the buds coming , second when the lychee fruits look like as a rice , then when it will be as like nuts .Management is-( flora, bioforty super ) and sulobor boron accordingly 2mm and 1mm per litre.

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