How to grow mango?

Mango is very popular all over the world. Today we know how to grow mango smartly. There are no single people who don’t like mango. Mango is very famous for its taste, color, and smell. But some people do not know how to grow mango more hybrid.

Contribution on economy

Grow mango plays an essential role in our economy. It also reduces the poverty of middle-class people. In China, India, and Bangladesh people are growing mango more and more. It also makes work place for helpless people. If you know how to grow mango professionally and for your family, you should flow the strategy-

how to grow mango

First, when you make a plan to make a garden,You should abide by some rules, I am gradually sharing them.

  1. Collecting plants from a prominent nursery, the
  2. plant must have more than three branches and its grafting must be in its lower site, it should be looking healthy.
  3. Making land and plowing the soil deeply and cleaning it.
  4. For planting fertilizer is most important, without nitrogen you make compost fertilizer with cow dung five kilos, Mop, Tsp, boron, calcium 0.5gm for each plant.
  5. For compost fertilizer making, time will need more than 21 days. After twenty-one days you collect the plant and give the rest five days, then the seeding should be planted. But it is better to say planting is perfect in the rainy season. And give water to them.
  6. Mango tree bud in the first year, but it is not good to keep it in the first two years and prune them. Collect mango from three years after planting.

Care of flower: For growing more production, must be needed some special care on the tree. Given blew the details.

Firstly, before 20days the mango buds come, Need insecticide and fungicide spray on them. Mancozeb -2gm, Emidacloropid 1mm /per litre spray on the mango tree.

Most important:

when the buds come and their size will be as a finger they need a second spray on it- Carbondazim 1gm, Emidacloropid-1mm/liter water. Bear in mind that if the rain will come to this situation, the 2nd spray is again needed for the tree(the same dose applicable in the flowering step every rainfall).

The second step is when the mango size will be nose pin, that time, cypermethrin-1mm, carbendazim 1gm, pgr-1mm, and boron 1gm need to spray in the tree. Third when the mango size looks like a ping-pong ball size, Emamectin Benzoate-1gm, cypermethrin-1mm, pgr-1mm, and boron-1gm need to spray on the tree. This dosage will spray after 2 times, twenty days intervals.

For growing lychee smartly

N.B-( give spray must be after 3pm, and fertilizer will need that time in light dosage)

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