Blogging means freedom of expression. Choose the topic that suits your personality. If you force yourself to write on such a topic that isn’t related to your personality then you will find blogging very difficult and boring. And then very easily you will lose interest in it.

Know yourself

As a blogger, you must know your liking and disliking. At first, it is not easy to find out what topic is there that you can keep writing on. But once you learn to express your feelings through writing then you will get the satisfaction that will boost your confidence and improve your personality.

Zero Plagiarism

Words should come from your heart, not from any other website. Every blogger has a unique writing style. If you copy sentences from other websites then you destroy the creativity in you. Besides Google will find out your article as plagiarism content and they will never show your blog in their search results.

The image plays a good role

An image says a lot of words and it represents what is your article all about. So design your image in a creative way from Canva. Here you can choose from many free images for your blog. You can modify them according to your creative requirements.

Focus on SEO and the Readability of your content

With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can track your readability & SEO score of the article.

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