Free lunching with DIGITAL MARKETING….

Now a days in developing countries job is so much valuable. For Evey human being be a unemployment is the curse. But it is not easy task to get a good job. Getting a good job need a fulfilled preparation , huge competition in this field here, and corruption is the main obstacle to get a job. On the other hand in corporate job discipline and owner ship is so much important, this is always will make a mental pressure. For this reason man will want to be turn in different sector. At this time Skill development is so much important for everybody. Because time is the era of information technology . Now a days man will collecting food by using apps through internet, and also man will collecting vehicle for their trip from apps -as like Uber.

In this modern era Amazon, alibaba, daraz is the biggest e-commerce sight in the world. Man for every where collecting their needs from this site.

In jobs place government and corporate level working hour is huge , no freedom, mental pressure and man will do not give enough time in their family purposes. Thats why man will trying to searching another option . This place free lunching is most demanding place for young man, in this sector freedom is here. Salary is comfortable. In free lunching sector Digital marketing is the most demanding sector . In this sector student will develop the computer skill and getting knowledge in website planning, SSL installation, SEO, content writing, and social media marketing. People will developed their skill from different institution as like ANUDIP FOUNDATION INDIA, and BRAC from BANGLADESH. After finishing the course they are getting online job from world biggest job sector FIVER R, UP WORK, AND FREE LUNCHING.COM, and earning lots of money.

At the conclusion I want to said that academic knowledge is most important but at the min time Skill development is so much important in this era. So that I was completed my post graduation and also develop my skill from Anudip foundation India under the banner of Brac Bangladesh.

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