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Edufy is the best school management software, a delightful product of SoftifyBD Limited. It is developed to bridge the information digitally to remove gaps that may exist in the school’s management process and automate various school activities.


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. It is developed to bridge the information digitally to remove the gaps that may exist in the school management process and automate various school activities. The Software can effectively manage the overall operations of your educational institution as it provides a platform to unite school authorities, teachers, students and parents. To enhance the better management of the education system. With Edufy, institutes will be able to manage daily activities, record attendance, track student academic activities, manage accounting, payroll to report generation, and much more. It’s incredibly user-friendly and beneficial to your institution because it’s integrated with system that allow you to manage and control everything from a single piece of software. Edufy is a unique Management System based Software with highly user flexibility to maintain any kind of school properly and efficiently. We provide best solution with best price.

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                                                                                           Our product features


Informative Dashboard: In our School Management software, we design an informative dashboard where you can monitoring over all school operation. Our dashboard visually presents the current scenario and identify the  efficiency and inefficiency of the business and you can take more informed decisions for your school development based on collected school intelligence.

Easy Configuration: The configuration menu of our School Management software makes you feel a simple and easy configuration system where you can entry  and arrange your all School-related information and elements which is essential for you to run the application.

 Smart Student Management: Edufy (an education management system) provides an intelligent solution for managing your school’s students, making it more effective and accessible. This system allows teachers and authorities to engage more with student activities wisely. A student database containing all student information will be available in this section, including student profiles, dynamic search options, and monthly reports.

Admission Management: Now you have no reason to be worry about admission management because we made it hassle free. By our school management  system, you can easily manage your all admission related operation which save your time, relief you from pressure and make your school more productive and efficient.

Online Payment Integration: In Edufy, an online payment gateway system has been implemented through which parents or guardians can pay fees through Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, credit card, or other digital payment methods. We provide an efficient payment gateway solution that will boost the smoothness of the system to give students or guardians a comfortable and secure payment platform.

Attendance Management: We made attendance management much more accessible than ever by utilizing a biometric system, which enables 100% accurate attendance recording. As a result, teachers don’t have to spend several minutes finding out which student is attending the class and which is absent. With the software, a single click is enough to generate flawless attendance reports.

Leave Management: It can be structured to follow the starting and closing of any specific leave year. It also provides support for the multi-level approver. A leave calendar is also included in the software.

Human Resource Management: It is critical to manage your school’s teachers, staff, and other people associated with the institute. Edufy has an extensive feature that will assist you with human resource activities by categorizing information about teachers and staff through attendance, leave records, pay sheets, and other obligatory reports.

Fees Management: Schools can now use Edufy to simplify the fee accumulation process, automate transactions, and produce detailed financial reports. School admins would be able to keep track of pending fees and collect fees in real-time. The software would generate customized reports and send alerts to parents whenever the payment is due.

Exams and Results Management: We offer a comprehensive result management system for your institutes through which parents and teachers can regularly track student progress with one click. It allows you to generate results for students’ exams and different types of exams during the year, such as class tests, practical exams, written exams, etc. It helps schools  organize exams, set up exam schedules, and fill in exam marks using the software.

Payroll & Accounts Management: Edufy provides the most comprehensive payroll and accounting solution for educational institutes. It has precise timesheets for precise payroll with an automatic employee payment process. It helps you create expense sheets, record payments, identify and follow up on past-due receivables, and run reports that help you analyze your financial conditions and other aspects.

Integrated Messaging System: Communication between the school, teachers, and parents is critical for student prosperity. Our software solution has a powerful school notification feature that keeps everyone in touch 24-hours a day. School authorities can send messages such as performance, attendance, due payments etc., details to parents all at once, which helps to minimize the administrators’ time.

Smart Class Routines: The daily class routine is essential for your students because it is highly associated with student academic productivity and helps with discipline. Students will get to know the class schedule with subject lines and holiday calendars. Concurrently, teachers will also be vigilant about time management issues.

Event & activity Management: By Using Edufy you can create event with detail & published for individual class or section. You can also track student’s activity. activities through this single solution. Also, to use this app, users will find it in the play store under your institute’s name with customization.

Library Management: With EDUFY School can manage their book, smart issue and receive, integrated fine with fees, customized search, multiple location etc.

Utility Management: Edufy helps to manage the utility of the institute to be organized, including library management, SMS notifications, data reports, certificates,

testimonials, event management, exam hall setup, etc. It extensively allows your school to manage, monitor, and analyze the utility operations. It will appraise the current scenario of your utility.

Accounts Management: For ensuring your school transactions transparency we take the best step for you. Our software is able to provide you with the total accounts’ solution for your School. By using our Edufy software, you can record all of your transaction easily and eligible to know about your income, expense, deposit, and everything at any time with one click.

Homework Management: This module will work mainly to make it easier for students to learn and to manage the marking system on homework easily. Students can be provided with different types of homework from here and they can be monitored and marked.

Mis Reporting: Reports of all students in the school will be generated automatically, which will help the management to monitor the school. Marks entry report, tabulation sheet, position duplication, Result analysis and various report will be generate.

Smart Android App: Edufy offers standardized android apps to bring accessibility to everyone. We make it easier for your students and teachers to complete all the and identify the efficiency and inefficiency of the students and you can take more informed decisions for your student’s development based on collected student’s intelligence.





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Teacher: Increase students’ focus on learning by reducing reliance on administrative work. Automatically perform daily tasks starting from attendance to teaching. Effortless test and result management. Development of teacher-parent relationship and increase of mutual information exchange. Student observation and merit verification from different perspectives.

Student: Easy communication with teachers and schools. Easy access to information such as attendance, routine exam numbers, grades and exam schedules. No need to carry a school diary, get instant and up-todate information on homework. Ability to receive all types of updated information through absentee web or mobile apps. Receipt of advance notice of information regarding various events and holidays of the school.


Guardian: Maintain easy and effective communication with the school. Active participation in school activities. Receive instant information regarding student attendance, results, fees and class routines Mobile payroll system. Get rid of clutter and save time and money.

Administration: Easily monitor all department activities. Display all types of reports from the same platform with a single click. Manage one or more branches of the same organization through software. Quick and effective decision making by receiving instant information. Establish effective communication between authorities, teachers, parents and students.



                                                                                     Why Choose Our Product?


99% Uptime Guarantee

Softifybd guarantee you 99% Uptime. With our soft- ware, we provide you best Database Server with SSL Certificate and Maximum compatibility.

Cloud Server & Backup

Our software is totally cloud-based and all of your data are store in cloud server. Our system also takes data backup periodically and keep you risk  free from data loss.

Unique & Best Quality

Our clients are our first priority and we provide them with unique and best quality software for a different experience. Softifybd assures you the best quality School Management Software.

User Flexibility

We made software for every kind of user even who have no knowledge of any uses of software. Our User Interface of the School Management System is more flexible than any other software.

Fast & Responsive

Time is more valuable than everything. Our soft- ware is so faster and more responsive and helps the client to save their times. You can access our School Management Software from anywhere anytime.

Life Time Support

Softifybd Limited has Help & Support Center. To ensure the client satisfaction our dedicated support team is always ready to make you smile and happy.

Safe & Secured Data

We Softifybd are much more careful on about your data. Data Safety and Security is our prime responsibility. For your highest data safety and security, you can rely on us.

API Integration

We build our software with the function of API integration where users are eligible to integrate the SMS and Payment Gateway through API.

Cheap & Cost Effective

In the competitive market, we offer you the best software within the best price. Our software helps you to decrease cost and increase efficiency in your business.


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