Benefits of Infinity Log

Maintaining Log Server is an effective step for ISP business to prevent cyber crime. Every ISP business maintain Log Server by following the policy of BTRC to prevent cyber crime. So the service you use should be clear and transparent. Ambiguity and usability of the service used can create concerns about log storage. The “Benefits of Infinity log” can be very helpful for users to deploy this service rapidly.

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Using the right software makes your log storage process smoother. Infinity Log features provides smooth logging. Infinity Log’s Log searching feature is able to find instant logs as per your requirement and download them in various file formats (CSV, PDF, Txt, Excel).

With the log searching feature, users can instantly retrieve logs by IP, MAC address, username, visited IP, specific date and time. Benefits of Infinity Log can motivate its users to get business opportunities from its various parts. There are lots of features on this service which can helps their users to maintain GOVT rules and regulations. Infinity Log helps to eradicate cyber issues.

Benefits of Infinity Log

Moreover, Infinity Log’s other features play a role as Log Assistant for IP Log Maintenance.

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