Literally speaking business means bushes. In simple words “business means the state of being busy”. Broadly, business involves activities connected with the production of wealth. It is an organized and systematized human activity involving and purchase of goods and services with the object of selling them at a profit. Businesses are concerned with buying and selling goods, manufacturing goods, or providing services to earn profit. The word agriculture indicates plowing a field, planting seed, harvesting a crop, milking cows, or feeding livestock. Until recently, this was a fairly accurate picture. But to days’ agriculture is radically different.

Agriculture has evolved into agribusiness and has become a vast and complex system that reaches beyond the farm to include all those who are involved in bringing food and fiber to consumers.

Agri-business include not only those that farm the land but also the people and firms that provide the inputs (e.g. seeds, chemicals, credit, etc.), process the output (e.g. milk, grain, meat, etc.), manufacture of the food products (e.g. ice-cream, bread, breakfast cereals, etc.), marketing of these products and to develop marketing chain for food products to consumers (e.g. restaurants, supermarkets), advertisement, and transport, etc.

Initially, agriculture being the major venture it was easy to become a farmer, but productivity was low. The average farmer produced enough food to feed just four people. As a consequence, most farmers were nearly totally self-sufficient. They produced most of the inputs they needed for production, such as seed, draft animals, feed, and simple farm equipment. Farm families processed the commodities they grew to make their own food and clothing. They consumed or used just about everything they produced. The small amount of output not consumed on the farm was sold for cash. These items were used to feed and cloth the minor portion of the country’s population that lived-in villages and cities. A few agricultural products made their way into the export market and were sold to buyers in other countries.

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